US Summer Student Worker Program

Pfizer’s Summer Student Worker Program: Impactful Work Experience for College and University Students

Each summer, college and university students join Pfizer as part of our Summer Student Worker Program. The program, which offers summer employment opportunities at various Pfizer sites in the U.S., is designed to help Pfizer businesses and teams accomplish real, impactful projects, while giving students engaging and meaningful work experience.

All Pfizer businesses and supporting divisions accept summer student workers, and Pfizer works to match students with the department or team that most closely matches their future career interests. During the summer, students will receive challenging work assignments, have the opportunity to collaborate with Pfizer colleagues at all levels of the organization and experience Pfizer’s culture firsthand.

Summer workers are evaluated with seriousness, and students receive valuable feedback that can help them develop their skills and competencies. In most cases, student workers are included in their team’s regular activities, including team meetings, working sessions, and meetings with internal and external stakeholders. Many student workers form long-term relationships with mentors, advisors and peers.

Learn more about Pfizer’s Summer Student Work Program, view a FAQ document, and apply for opportunities.