Postdoctoral Program

At Pfizer, everything we do is focused on helping people to live healthier, longer lives. That means taking on some of the greatest healthcare challenges facing the world today. To do that, we need to hire – and develop – the very best talent. Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development (R&D) postdoctoral training program provides a unique opportunity to pursue ground-breaking research in the areas of disease biology, drug delivery and mechanisms of action and computational efforts supporting these areas.

In the program, you’ll enhance your research and career training in a culture committed to translating basic scientific research into impactful medicines for patients of all ages and geographies. You can pursue your training at a number of the company’s Worldwide R&D campuses. Examples of research areas, units, and disciplines include:

  • Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (fostering Pfizer partnerships with academic labs in multiple disease areas) 
  • Comparative medicine
  • Computational chemistry, biology and biomedicine
  • Data science
  • Drug safety
  • Early clinical development (clinical research, human biology, quantitative medicine)
  • Human genetics 
  • Inflammation & immunology 
  • Medicinal Sciences
    • Biotherapeutics technologies (protein engineering, structural biology) 
    • Medicinal chemistry 
    • Pharmaceutical sciences
    • Pharmacokinetics, dynamics & metabolism
  • Metabolic Disease & Cardiovascular Risk 
  • Oncology 
  • Rare disease
  • Vaccines

At Pfizer, we believe in a better future. Our postdoctoral training program is specifically designed to give you a strong research foundation, and to help you lead tomorrow’s innovative new biological therapies for major human diseases. Fellowship support is offered for up to four years. We place a strong emphasis on publications, attendance at major international meetings, and career-building activities that will facilitate your transition to a career in either academia or the pharmaceutical industry.


Pfizer's Worldwide Annual Postdoc Symposium

Pfizer Worldwide R&D’s Annual Postdoc Symposium is a highlight of our training program, bringing together the community of trainees from all of Pfizer’s R&D locations for scientific presentations by our trainees, as well as internal and external researchers. Career-building activities are also a focal point of the symposium. Our program’s core mission is to match high-quality trainees with outstanding mentors and promising research projects in a setting that places a premium on your preparation for the next stage of your career.


Get Science Podcast – Postdoc Miniseries

At our 2020 Annual Postdoc Symposium, we launched a special miniseries of our Get Science Podcast. We interviewed a handful of postdocs to hear how they’re developing breakthroughs that change patients’ lives every day, and how our mentors support them in this process.

Episode 1: We talk with Sydney Lavoie who is interested in the gut microbiome. We also talk to Sharon Campbell and her mentor, Orla Cunningham, about training our colleagues to work with cutting edge technology. Tune in here.

Episode 2: We talk with Joe Brennan who is focused on neutrophils – immune cells that can trap and kill microbes. Matt Russo and Shian-Huey Chiang are next, discussing the importance of mentorship in guiding research plans. Lastly, we talk to Ella Fung to understand her research on engineering protein-based medicines. Tune in here.

Episode 3: We talk with Sami Lal and Estel Aparicio Prat about their backgrounds, and how they their highly sought-after skills have translated to industry work. Tune in here.


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