Meet Our Scientists: Neda Memar

Meet Our Scientists: Neda Memar

Neda Memar is passionate about working for Pfizer and giving back to the company and its colleagues. She started her Pfizer journey as a Summer Student Worker and established strong mentor relationships which she maintained over the years. Through dedication and persistence, she was able to obtain her dream job at Pfizer after multiple applications and interviews. Neda exemplifies Pfizer’s core values and pays it forward by mentoring students, providing joy to those she works with. She is #PfizerProud!


Describe your role at Pfizer.

Neda is a Senior Manager, Global Regulatory Affairs, Vaccines, and has been in her role for a little over a year. She has 9 years in Regulatory experience prior to Pfizer.

Neda acts as the FDA contact point to ensure regulatory compliance and provide strategic and operational regulatory input for the assigned programs. The other half of her role is to act as an Emerging Markets Lead, which includes providing Regulatory support to other countries for initial registrations and addressing queries in a timely manner. This work is critical to ensuring our treatments can get in the hands of our patients quickly and safely.


Why did you choose to work at Pfizer?  

Neda chose to join Pfizer as she participated in the Pfizer Global Supply summer worker program consecutively in 2008 and 2009 – and really enjoyed it! She had great mentors both in the US Supply Chain team and in the Drug Product Technical Support & Transfer Team. During the internship program, Neda was pursuing her Pharmacy Doctorate and graduated in 2011. After obtaining her Pharm.D, she pursued a 2-year Post-Doctoral Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship at Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development and St. John’s University. During the Post-Doctoral program, she was able to obtain her teaching degree, and do a 6-week rotational program at the Food and Drug Administration in the Division of Neurology Products. Through the years, she kept in touch with various mentors that she had networked with during the summer worker program and was able to pursue a role with Pfizer in 2019. She enjoys the culture and learning opportunities provided in her role. It took her several applications and interviews to obtain her role at Pfizer. She kept pursuing opportunities for 5 years, and believes her perseverance paid off!


Think about your accomplishments at Pfizer. What are you most proud of?

Neda is most proud of giving back – whether it be by mentoring other students through the summer worker program or organizing events to bring colleagues together to give back to the community. 2020 was the first year the GRA Vaccines team was able to take on 4 summer worker students, and Neda was given the opportunity to organize their orientation day, prepare materials for their first day, support them throughout their research project, and act as their manager and mentor throughout the summer. 

She organized and led a team-building experience for the team, during which the team built bears for the Rare Bear Program (a program for children who have rare diseases).

Since Neda had the opportunity to go through the Regulatory Affairs Fellowship program at Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development, she wanted to extend the opportunity and provide a meaningful experience for her graduate intern in the vaccines group. When a project came up within the vaccines team, she took this opportunity to include him on the project. She explained the project to him and the team members he would be working with, and how the work that he is doing would be so impactful for the program overall. She also invited him to the various team meetings so he could get a feel for presenting his work in front of team members. He really enjoyed being part of the project and has truly gone above and beyond to integrate himself with the team. Without realizing it, Neda was embracing Pfizer’s value of joy – taking ride, recognizing one another, and having fun.


In what way do you feel your work benefits the world at large?  

Pfizer improves patients' lives by creating innovative medicines for the world. In Regulatory, Neda can prepare a high-quality application in a short amount of time to obtain approval and bring products to market to improve quality of life for patients.


What does Pfizer do to strengthen the diverse communities in the world around us?  

Pfizer promotes global health through philanthropy programs. Pfizer Foundation invests in public health initiatives in developing countries.  They align with United Nation’s Sustainability Goals and provide vaccination for low-income families and developing countries and providing access for multiples drugs.

Describe the atmosphere where you work.  

Neda describes the atmosphere as remote, as teams aren't located together for in-person contact, but rather are located globally. GRA has fun events to bring people together – pairing people up and providing Starbucks gift cards to get to know colleagues over coffee. Her team members also get to know each other by sharing 3 fun facts on their bulletin board in NYC office. They would also go on ice cream socials and trips to Hudson Yards in NYC.


Everyone’s coping with the ‘new normal’ in very different ways. We’re interested to hear how you’re coping? 

Neda is coping well, as her role felt remote to start. She has a full office set-up at home with monitor and office supplies. Technology allows her to perform her role well. IT Support has always been responsive and has exceeded her needs. Pfizer has made this transition seamless and has been fully supportive.


How are you supporting each other as colleagues?  

Neda’s GRA team has put together "Coffee Breaks" – a virtual meeting to check in and share experiences of working from home, from baking and cooking to things that are happening in their homes. Neda and her team were also able to express (and get feedback regarding) their concerns about safety, leaving her and her teammates with a sense of calmness. She also appreciates the regular updates from Albert, our Town Hall meeting and Site communications.


What impresses you most about the people you work with?

Resilience and positive attitudes. People make time for each other no matter how much work they have. Neda says her manager responds quickly and is always supportive. Communication has been excellent and informative.


In what ways is the style of work different at Pfizer from other places?  

Everyone has a ‘roll-up your sleeves’ attitude, regardless of title. There is a can-do attitude. Pfizer will pursue opportunities that may not be feasible for designations and are willing to try new things.


How does your working environment contribute to the quality of your work? 

Right now, Neda can get more done as she is working remotely. Pfizer treats our colleagues as humans and is adaptable. Prior to COVID, Neda worked 2 days from home and now she is home 5 days per week – and the transition has been seamless. She has had technology, management and colleague support.  Neda really values Pfizer and the opportunities it has provided her.