Meet Our Scientists: Michelle Casey

Meet Our Scientists: Michelle Casey

As an Executive Director of Biostatistics, Michelle is responsible for leading a team of statisticians supporting a variety of indications within the Rare Disease therapeutic area. Her team works with the cross function global medical teams to design holistic studies, create and execute analysis plans, interpret results and provide submissions to regulatory authorities for new medications or new indications on currently approved medications. In this post, you will see what ultimately drove Michelle to choose Pfizer as her home and the many reasons Pfizer is such a great place to work!


Why did you choose to work at Pfizer?

Michelle: “Pfizer was a natural choice during my job search because of their history within the industry, and my skill sets and background matched with the position and enabled me to continue to advance my career. However, what solidified my decision was the passion of the colleagues who were continually striving to keep our patients at the forefront.”


What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Michelle: “Being a part of the team supporting the approval of Sutent for the adjuvant treatment of adult patients at high risk of recurrent renal cell carcinoma following nephrectomy. Prior to this approval, the only option for patients was a ‘watch and wait’ approach. This team came together with a purpose and a focus on the patients and worked tirelessly with external key opinion leaders to reach this milestone.”


In what ways is the style of work different at Pfizer from other places? 

Michelle: “Pfizer’s focus is continually drawn back to our core values of courage, excellence, equity and joy. These are integrated and embedded in the culture more so than I have seen at other companies.”


How does your working environment contribute to the quality of your work?  

Michelle: “In addition to Pfizer offering flexible work options that support working parents, the culture is one of collaboration and shared goals. The flexibility, the support, and the collaboration enable a productive work environment.”


How will Pfizer impact patients’ lives in the future? 

Michelle: “As is evidenced by our response to the recent pandemic, Pfizer is and will continue to impact patient lives not only by providing much needed medicines for unmet medical needs (including for rare diseases), but also through education to patients and caregivers.”