Frequently Asked Questions

Upon application, your résumé will be entered into our electronic resume database. All Pfizer recruiters have access to this database and continually search for résumés that most closely match our current job opportunities.

Individuals who most closely meet the requirements of the job may be selected to interview. Interviews may consist of telephone calls, video conferencing or face-to-face interviews at a location convenient to the hiring manager.

  • I am interested in working at Pfizer. How do I submit a résumé?
    We welcome and encourage submission of a résumé in response to postings detailed on this Website. We require that all applicants submit a résumé electronically. Please follow the résumé submission instructions associated with each posting. You will need to create a profile in order to upload a resume or cover letter. In order to maintain these documents, you will need to navigate to ‘My Applications’ section.

    Your profile will be entered into our recruiting database, where it will be electronically accessible to all our Human Resources professionals. If there is a potential match between our hiring needs and your qualifications, we may contact you directly.

  • If a job is posted at this web site, does this mean it is still open?
    Yes. If a position is visible on the web site it generally means the position has not yet been filled.

  • How often do you update your job openings on
    The job openings listed on our web site are updated every hour.

  • There are no jobs currently posted that match my interests. Should I submit my résumé to Pfizer anyway?
    Yes. We encourage you to create a profile, save the search and click on the notification option so that you can be notified of future openings.

  • What will happen to my résumé?

    Your résumé will be entered into our electronic résumé database. All Human Resources recruiters have access to this database and continually search for résumés that most closely match our current job opportunities. Whether you are interested in a specific position, or you simply want to be considered for any positions that match your background, we can review your résumé.

    If you would like to remove your resume from the system, you can do so if you have not applied to any positions. If you have, you will need to contact the recruiter to facilitate this request.

    You are not able to delete a resume from the system if it’s being used for a position which your status is higher than ‘Applied’.

  • Will you confirm that you received my résumé?
    Receipt of online applications is acknowledged within the US or Puerto Rico with an email response. However, there is no confirmation that we received your resume. A local recruiter will contact you after having applied to a specific position if your resume meets basic qualifications.

  • I did not receive an email acknowledgement when I applied to a job. How can I verify my application was received?
    You can verify the jobs you have applied for by logging into your profile and viewing this information under ‘My Applications”.

  • I recently submitted my résumé. How will I know the status of it?
    Due to the volume of résumés we receive, we do not personally contact everyone who sends a résumé, either for a status update, or to let you know whether you will be asked to interview with us

  • How can I withdraw from the recruiting process for a position which I am currently being considered?
    Log in to your profile and click on the withdraw button for the position for which you would like to withdraw. The recruiter will see this reflected on the position.

  • As an applicant for employment within the United States or Puerto Rico, how can I request a religious accommodation in order to participate in Pfizer’s recruiting process?
    An applicant for employment in the United States or Puerto Rico who is seeking a religious accommodation in order to participate in the recruiting process should bring the request to Talent Acquisition. By email: [email protected]

  • I cannot use the online system due to a disability and require an accommodation to apply for a job — What can I do?

    Pfizer provides reasonable accommodation in job application procedures for qualified individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans. If you have a disability that inhibits your ability to apply for a position through our online application process, you may use the alternative methods described below to contact us about your interest in Pfizer.

    By Email: [email protected]

    By Mail:
    Pfizer Inc.
    Global Talent Acquisition
    235 E 42nd Street
    New York, NY 10017