Diversity & Inclusion

As diverse as the patients and communities we serve

Our purpose at Pfizer is clear: achieving breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

We realize that means not just attracting the best and brightest talent. But also ensuring our colleagues can thrive in an environment and culture where we champion Diversity and Inclusion every day, around the world.


Equity runs through everything we do.

We want all patients to have equal access to healthcare, and accessible and affordable drugs. Within our business, we believe everyone deserves to be seen, heard and respected for who they are.

That’s why we focus and invest in making Pfizer an amazing workplace for all. Our Diversity & Inclusion Leads around the world partner with Business Leaders to make sure our approach and processes reflect our key values.


But this isn’t just about what we do as a business:

It’s about who we are. We want all our colleagues to develop, grow, and succeed. We commit to making that happen, and to sharing and celebrating our successes as we bring together people from all backgrounds, geographies and perspectives.



Opportunity Parity

Pfizer’s Opportunity Parity strategy represents our commitment to increase diversity. In 2019, we announced representation goals, by 2025, of 47% for women (globally) and 25% minorities (US) for Vice President (VP) roles and above.

  • Representation of women at the VP level and above in 2019 was 34% globally (up 2% from 2018).
  • Representation of minorities in the U.S. at the VP level and above in 2019 was 20% (up 2% from 2018).




Colleague Resource Groups

Our site-based Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) help drive inclusion and professional development at Pfizer. CRGs are groups of colleagues who are part of, or believe in, the goals of a diverse population, and are open to anyone who wants to join. These groups provide a forum through which we can collectively deliver on our Bold Move to make Pfizer an amazing place to work for all.

Through participation in CRGs, colleagues collaborate to foster awareness, respect, and inclusion within the workplace. They offer support, developmental opportunities, mentoring, and networking opportunities to help their members enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Pfizer’s CRGs are generally aligned to the following affinities:

  • Asian: Global Asian Alliance (GAA)
  • Black: Global Black Community (GBC)
  • Individuals with Disabilities: disAbility
  • Latino/Hispanic: Pfizer Latino Community
  • LGBTQ+ Allies: Out Pfizer Employee Network (OPEN)
  • Veterans: Veterans in Pfizer (VIP)
  • Women: Pfizer Women’s Resource Group (PWR)


To help us build on the solid foundation of our CRGs, we have also developed strong partnerships with a number of external organizations including: