Digital Scholars

Practical technology career experience for high school graduates

Our pre-college summer programs are designed with school learners in mind, to provide exposure to as many career paths in technology as possible – including software engineer, application developer, business analyst, project manager and business partner.

In the pre-collegiate program, students can get involved in simple coding, using tools like Tableau to visualize large data sets, or even communication planning before the launch of a project. Afterwards, rising freshmen and rising sophomores could find themselves refocusing on the major they want to take, or taking part in extracurricular work while in college. All of them will discover it is an experience they can take into their college career.

Eligibility Requirements

The pre-college program is aimed at high school graduates nominated by STEM teachers at participating outreach schools in Groton, CT and Collegeville, PA. The students need to be aged at least 18 and entering college with a technology-focused major, especially Computer Science.


For teachers and counselors:



The program is for students who are enrolled or planning to enroll in a STEM-related field at college – in particular Computer Science.


The program is based at the Pfizer sites in Groton, CT and Collegeville, PA, and recruits students from a number of local schools in our respective communities.


This pre-college summer program takes place after High School graduation. The program takes place from the end of June and runs for 8 weeks. Students work between 32 and 40 hours per week, depending on their location, with a typical work week running from Monday – Friday starting at 8:30 AM.

How to Nominate

Teachers or counselors that Pfizer are working with at participating schools will be provided with a link to the online application for students they identify who fit the profile for this program. The application period typically runs from mid March to mid April each year.

For further information on the Pfizer Digital Scholars program, please email [email protected].