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At Pfizer Drug Safety R&D (DSRD), we’re committed to finding the place that’s right for you. That could mean matching your background and skills to an existing position. But equally, if you approach us with just the right mindset and ambition, there’s opportunity to place you in a role where you can learn and be successful. We’re all here to learn. So, if you want to try different areas to increase your exposure, feel free. If you want to contribute to different stages of development rather than focus on one, there’s room. Whether you’re from industry or academia, you have something different to offer, and so do we.

Extraordinary exposure, incredible flexibility and more room to grow

Here we enable Pfizer’s extensive and diverse portfolio of clinical programs by crafting and executing preclinical safety packages. Our scientists work across research, development and commercial, selecting promising targets and compounds with safer profiles - conceiving and developing predictive safety biomarkers to progress into the clinic. We also risk manage adverse findings with regulatory agencies, recommending discontinuing programs if necessary.


We’re scientifically curious

That means we take the initiative. We differentiate between ‘need to have’ and ‘nice to have’ because it’s simpler. We build bridges, draw knowledge from others and share our own. We challenge the status quo and we never give up. Of course, we’re agile when it comes to learning and we apply deep subject matter expertise to both science and business.

Our approach has evolved. Thanks to this, instead of following the one-size-fits-all path, we’ve made room for novel development strategies and ways of working.

“What’s been adventurous is the deliberate focus within the Biomarker discipline on enabling targeted- and omics-based biomarker discovery. These changes are helping us develop novel modalities and pursuing a new generation of therapeutic targets.”
– Mike J, Biomarker Strategist 


The impact you could make

In DSRD at Pfizer, we’ve made it possible to get needed therapies to patients faster. Our organization and way of working are built around delivering breakthroughs both in science and in the lives of patients. The sense of purpose is incredibly rewarding.

“Our patients’ stories are displayed on our walls and in our video updates. They remind me why this work is so important. What we do directly affects people’s lives.”
– Anna K, Investigative Toxicology Principal Scientist


Do more in industry

In DSRD at Pfizer, you can see the impact your work makes on the world. Outcomes and results happen faster, which means people’s lives can improve more quickly. It’s also a team-based, cross-discipline and collaborative environment. There are no silos, no areas of work which are off limits.

That openness also provides fresh career paths and opportunities. There will always be support to help you succeed if you’re willing to challenge yourself. Perhaps you haven’t led drug discovery projects but would like to. Perhaps you want to work more closely with groups outside your own specialism.

Together, it means more chances to increase your knowledge and develop yourself professionally, and more opportunity to see the full impact of your work, both within Pfizer and beyond.

"This is my ultimate dream job. I get to use my pharmacology experience to really impact the discovery and development of novel compounds. I also get to collaborate with a bright team of scientists that I’m lucky to have working with me. Every day brings challenging scientific questions, excitement and fun, while helping bring life-changing medicines to patients. You can’t ask for more than that.”
– Steve J, Safety Pharmacologist


All the exposure you need

DSRD contributes along the entire drug development spectrum, so there is opportunity for you to see the impact of your contribution from start to finish. More than that, there is no requirement for you to continue to focus on one phase or area, unless that’s what you prefer. All these areas will be open to you for your own development opportunities.

We’re part of a global organization. You will have access to a world of experts with different backgrounds and viewpoints. You’ll be encouraged to share your knowledge with them too. Some of our scientists also sit and work closely with those of other disciplines, as it helps them deliver their programs faster. Our culture of sharing and documenting knowledge means our teams can disseminate new information and ways of tackling or overcoming challenges. Collaboration is key.

You’ll also have access to the cutting-edge tools you need to achieve greater results. From machine learning to AI and virtual reality, we’re taking and applying technologies to deliver better science.

“All of these things tell you that DSRD is willing to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and explore new, creative ways to improve science and accelerate drug discovery.”
– Lisa E, Data Operations Data Scientist


Taking charge of your own career

Our broad portfolio helps more people around the world every year. It also means that you will have every chance to explore new treatment areas and scientific challenges. In fact, we’ll welcome your interest in developing your knowledge and your career.

You will have freedom to seek out the areas you want to develop expertise in, or find a niche that you feel is rewarding. Our organization is large enough and flexible enough for you to gain the exposure you need to identify and follow your own path.

“All of my experience was in pre-clinical (in vivo) toxicity assessment, which was my comfort zone. Yet in few short months in here, I’ve been involved in early discovery and target safety work, drug program reviews, and clinical study design. I’m also deepening my expertise as a biomarker strategist and leading industry-wide biomarker initiatives.”
– Lila R, Clinical Pathologist

Will you fit in?

This is possibly less about finding a specific job opening, and more about you bringing us your talent and us looking for a role that is a fit.

Integrated and diverse skillsets are what we’re looking for, along with the ability to think laterally and go after what you need to learn.

This flexibility has created a drug research and development organization which we believe is unlike any other. We have the speed, freedom and agility of a start-up combined with the resources to get things done. It’s a different type of environment and one that works very well for our scientists.


This is where your academic credentials and practical experience combine to lead our innovative experiments to success. Guiding our project teams, you’ll own the design, conduct and interpretation of toxicology studies, before sharing them to shape the work of the wider pathology and data science teams.

Our toxicology roles are about collaboration, communication and inspiring continuous improvement in the face of each new challenge, it won’t just be your expertise you invest here. It’s your passion, influence and desire to keep learning that will ensure the quality of work within DSRD sets standards the whole industry aspires to.


In pathology, you’ll find that opportunity is embedded in the way you work. You could be reading slides on any study, explaining findings to a toxicologist or data scientist, or interacting with other pathologists across sites. There will be pathology experts for you to consult with and you’ll share your own knowledge with colleagues from different backgrounds to progress new breakthroughs into the hands of patients who need them.

There will be so much for you to get involved in, and so many things to experience. It’ll certainly be varied and offer you real challenge.

Data Science

Whatever new challenge we face, you’ll help us find the answers. In our team of computational toxicologists, you’ll look beyond the data for innovative solutions in three main areas: automation of scientific processes, the development of machine learning models and answering challenging bioinformatic questions from experiments.

Collaborating with specialist toxicologists and pathologists, you will harness technology and enhance our processes – so we can produce reliable, reproducible and consistent results. With your work touching every part of the DSRD lifecycle, your input and support is an essential part of what we do. With you, we help patients quicker.

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DSRD Talent Community

At Pfizer, we’re committed to finding the place that’s right for you. That could be matching your background and skills to an existing position, or working with you to identify opportunities in the future.

If you approach us with just the right mindset and ambition, there’s opportunity to find a role where you can drive your career and be successful.

We’re all here to learn. So, if you want to try different areas to increase your exposure, feel free. If you want to contribute to different stages of development rather than focus on one, there’s room. Whether you’re from industry or academia, you have something different to offer, and so do we.

Click here to join our talent pool and we’ll check to see if you’re a match for one of our roles. Even if you’re not right now, we’ll hold on to your details and contact you once something suitable become available.